Enums in Eiffel

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Something pondered for years was the question regarding why Eiffel has never embraced Enum types or a variant more in style with the Eiffel paradigm. There are a number of comments from numerous developers regarding why Enums are "Bad". Most languages exhibit bad ideals and some more than others. The congisen is that if you give a developer a tool to abuse it will be abused and sometimes by the seasoned developers. Generally, seasoned developers have a grasp of the dangers of abusing aspects of a language to gain performance or micro design. However lessons are learned from those who know better from those that know less. As such bad programming practices creep down the chain until it become a common convention.

In this document I'll outline the pontetial dangers and the oddities found commonly with the "Enum" type and attempt to dispell them with a solution to implementing Enums in Eiffel. First and foremost, Why does Eiffel need an Enum type...

Why Does Eiffel Need an Enum Type