The Who

So this is me, Paul that is.

I primarly lead development of EiffelEnvision and am currently integrating it into Visual Studio 2005. I also work to extend the Eiffel language to better support Eiffel for .NET. I do have a number of other project going around here so I do not get to attend to EiffelEnvision as much as I would like. You can expect some cool new things in the next release.


  • Name: Paul Bates
  • E-Nail:
  • Telephone: (US) 1-805-637-0866
  • Location: Santa Barbara
  • Nationality: English

Personal Projects

I've got a number of personal projects being worked on concurrently and a number that I have planned.

Current Developments

  • Eiffel and Python integration - A.K.A Slice of pyE.

Project To Come

  • Coco/R for Eiffel
  • Macro Base .NET (tiny implementation of EiffelBase for .NET projects)
  • Eiffel framework for controlling Lego Mindstorms NXT brick via bluetooth (Windows, but all applicable platforms given help)

Suspended Projects

  • Eiffel library for controlling HD44780 LCDs. The library is pretty much completed with the exception of one precondition that is too strong. It needs a little refresh to make the most of 5.7/6.0, using bit constants would make things look nicer. There is also the parallel port interaction for Linux/Unix based systems that needs to be completed. I'll put it to SourceForge if anyone wants to use it. It support display manipulation and custom character generation.
  • Parallel port read/write library (Windows only currently).
  • Eiffel TAR library. If anyone wants it I'll finish it.
  • Windows Media Center integration of Eiffel LCD library.