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The Eiffel standard developed by the ECMA TC39-TG4 committee, ECMA 367, was first released in 2005 and revised in 2006. In November of 2006 ISO, the International Standards Organization, approved it as an ISO standard.

The ECMA-ISO standard is the definitive reference on the Eiffel language. Work is progressing quickly to include all ECMA-ISO mechanisms into the EiffelStudio compiler; you can help fill the remaining gaps.


Eiffel standard: ECMA 367 in its latest revision (2006); the text is the same as the ISO standard, but available free of charge.

ISO/IEC 25436:2006: the ISO version, available for a fee. Same text as ECMA 367, slightly different formating.

Related development

ELKS, the Eiffel Library Kernel Standard: This core library is also being standardized; it contains the essential classes closely related to the language and compilers, such as STRING and ARRAY.