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== Spanish ==
== Spanish ==
'''Responsible''': Rodolfo Grave de Peralta
'''Responsible''': [[User:RodolfoGrave| Rodolfo Grave de Peralta]]
'''Contributors''': Chema Tercero
'''Contributors''': Chema Tercero

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This is the list of persons in charge of the various languages that EiffelStudio supports. In order to better help translators in their work, this list will also include the parts on which each translator is working. This is to avoid two translators working on the same part.

The languages are listed in their English alphabetical order.


Responsible: Tao Feng


Responsible: Jocelyn Fiat


Responsible: Julian Tschannen


Responsible: Alexander Kogtenkov


Responsible: Rodolfo Grave de Peralta

Contributors: Chema Tercero