• Jocelyn Fiat

About me

  • GMT+1 (Rhone-Alpes, France)
  • Working with Eiffel Software remotely from France.

Regarding Eiffel Studio Open Source initiative

  • Migrated part of ISE's Subversion repository Origo's server
  • Various web applications conceptions, configuration and integrations within the whole system.

Operating System ...

  • I am mainly working on Windows 7 x64
  • I am using Visual Studio Express 2010
  • occasionally I am compiling on Linux (Ubuntu x64)

My activities are

  • Eiffel Studio's debugger (Eiffel code + runtime)
  • Eiffel Studio dev environment
  • Libraries
  • Intranet + Extranet (web application + internal IM)
  • Manage Subversion, and experiment git for ISE
  • working on the New Eiffel Web Solution

How to contact me

  • Emailing at ISE
  • Skype: jocelynfiat


  • Initiator and maintainer of [[1]], home page of the Group of french Eiffel users.