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The basic approach would be:

  • improve the EV_SCREEN class to handle multiple screens and then let Vision and later ES make use of it

EiffelStudio 5.7 Pre-releases

Warning.png Warning: "Please be aware that the 5.7 versions released through this site are intermediate builds on the road towards official EiffelStudio 5.7. The graphical interface of EiffelStudio is not ready for production and has many unfinished features and even regressions when compared to version 5.6. The command line compiler is at production level. If you are experiencing problems with this release, please use the es-devel mailing list for discussions."

from Downloads
  • Does this mean we are going to do it with EiffelStudio 5.6 after all?
    • Problem with 5.6 is that we can't use the current library versions as c compilation won't succeed


  • I just had a brief look at WEL and it doesn't seem to support MultiScreen...
  • It really doesn't support MultiScreen, so we have to work trough that too...

Wel Implementation

It seems to me, that the best way would be to create a class WEL_MULTISCREEN_DC (inherits WEL_SCREEN_DC) and replace the features by ones where you can define which DC you want to close. Then we create a class WEL_SCREEN_ENUMERATOR in which we put the capabilities to enumerate the screens (similarly to WEL_FONT_FAMILY_ENUMERATOR). WEL_SCREEN_ENUMERATOR is also inherited by WEL_MULTISCREEN_DC