Internationalization/SA project milestones

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M2: May 5

  • feasibility: look at string classes (unicode and not) and how strings are used in EiffelStudio (creation, composition) (Ivano, Carlo, Leo, Hong)
  • file format: compare existing file formats for dictionaries (Etienne, Andreas)
  • tool evaluation: list and compare existing translation tools (Christian, Martino)

M3: June 13

  • write an initial .po to start translating and have a .mo for testing (Leo, Carlo)
  • mo parser: extract translated strings from .mo files (Etienne, Martino)
  • translation function: map hard-coded strings to translated strings (Martino)
    • find a solution with templates
    • globality: how to implement, the object should be shared between all modules (see class structure)
    • find out how to use plurals (see plural forms)
  • Test unicode support in Vision2. [See test application in the SVN repository]
  • compile a list of basic features to provide (e.g. date/time format, system locale) [deferred]

M4: June 28

  • internationalization of EiffelStudio: surround strings with our functions
  • translation of EiffelStudio in some languages, for demo purposes (Italian, German, Chinese, ...) (see pootle)
  • code parser: extract strings to be translated from source code and generate .pot file (Leo)
  • language selection: add an entry in the preferences system
  • create a function to detect current environment language and settings (aka locale)

M5: July ??

  • Refactoring of whole library
  • Use our library for EiffelStudio
  • Clean up Wiki and improve Developer manual
  • Add support for other aspects of localisation - dates, number format etc. (possibly we can defer this a bit)