Internationalization/code parser

Code Parser

This part of the project should produce a clickable thing in EiffelStudio.

When actually clicked, it should examine the current project. If the current project includes our wonderful framework, this clicky thing should look at the calls to the i18n and i18n_plural functions and produce a .po file based on the strings provided to those functions as arguments.


There are several things needed:

  • The clicky thing itself.
  • An ast visitor that finds calls to i18n and i18n_parser and then extracts arguments.
  • A set of classes that provides a nice representation of a .po file.
  • A GUI to ask where to place the .po file and if the project should first be recompiled.


First commit Real Soon Now™ Initial commit made.

Status is currently (16:24, 1 July 2006 (CEST)):

  • Clicky thing: Mostly works. Some bugs related to escaping that need fixing.
  • AST visitor: No apparent bugs
  • .po representation: Works. Needs word wrapping for long entries.
  • GUI: Works