Internationalization/List of EiffelStudio translations

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Current translations, partial or total

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
Contact: Tao Feng
  • French
Contact: Jocelyn Fiat
  • German:
Contact: Julian Tschannen
Contact: Alexander Kogtenkov

Request for volunteers

(May 2007) Volunteers are requested to help finish and check (++) or just check (+) the following EiffelStudio translations. If you would like to contribute please list your name in the appropriate category, with and email or other way to contact you (e.g. Wiki user talk page).

To qualify you should be: a native or native-level speaker of the target language; an experienced user of EiffelStudio; willing to work on the translation on a voluntary basis, and to allow Eiffel Software to use your contributions without any restriction; able to devote some time to the project in the next few weeks.

  • Chinese+
  • French++
  • German+
  • Russian++

More languages!

Volunteers for translations for other languages are also welcome. Spanish is one of the most frequent requests. Please contact Emmanuel Stapf if you are interested.