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Warning.png Warning: The content of this page is outdated as Vision4Mac has been superseded by EiffelVision Cocoa


The goal of this project is to provide Vision with a Carbon backend to make it truly native on the mac. We have some basic controls working at the moment and we hope to be able get a full native build of EiffelStudio in the coming months. For more information please refer to the discussion page. See also OSX_release_infrastructure.


15.05.07: Tour, Layout Inspector, Color Picker

20.04.07: Vision 2 Demo (vision2_tour)

01.09.06: widgets-example: ev_notebook aka. tabs

01.09.06: widgets-example: progress bar, tree, frames

15.08.06: Mill: Showing off pixmaps and the menu bar

A Simple Vision2 Application running with the Carbon Imp

A state of the art OS X Window

Latest Updates

15.05.2007: There are quite a few updates since I posted the last time: We have been working on a layout inspector that can be easily included in any vision application and it allows us to see the structure of the layout of the current application which is a great help for debugging. Ueli is working on the layout right now. I have also made some more native functions accessible which resulted in the implementation of the File Open Dialogue and the Color Picker Dialogue. Here's a screenshot where you can see the layout inspector and the color picker. (D)

20.04.2007: We have started to do some work again in the last weeks and are now using the Vision2 Demo application as our main testing playground. Check out the screenshots. (D)

13.11.2006: Jann has been working on creating a script for MacPorts that should make it really easy for anyone to get Eiffel Studio running on her Mac. Check out the EiffelOnMac page. (D)

older updates...


I collected a few Documents with introductions to carbon widgets and the carbon event Loop and also a part of the API Refference [1].

Here is some more information we have collected while working on our implementation.

Task / Bug Tracker

Our Task tracker is available here (powered by flyspray).

Build instructions


  • EWG (with EWG environment variable set)
  • GOBO

Build infrastructure

You need a folder x with a subfolder "library". cd into the library folder and checkout the code with the following command

svn co https://svn.eiffel.com/eiffelstudio/branches/eth/soft-arch/Src/library/vision2

Now point the environment variable ISE_LIBRARY_CARBON to the folder x.

Before you can compile a project you need to compile the EWG glue library. You can do this by running

geant c_build_library_ise
in the $ISE_LIBRARY_CARBON/library/vision2/implementation/carbon/wrapper directory.

You should then be able to compile and run a simple EV application like our example project which you can get here: http://n.ethz.ch/student/dfurrer/files/vision4mac/simple_demo_app.zip


Everyone intrested in this project is welcome to join our mailinglist es-mac@origo.ethz.ch