Talk:Cocoa for EiffelVision2

Mac Specifics

Several Platforms

Mac OS X currently supports at least four different processor types (that is a 32 and 64bit version of both, ppc and intel processors). Apple provides tools for compiling for all architectures and putting it all in a so called fat binary or Universal Binary. I think we should have single, simple EiffelStudio distribution that runs on all of these and has the possibility to create fat binaries from the eiffel programs it builds.

Single Menu Bar

Unlike known from other GUIs in Aqua there's just a single menu bar at the top of the screen and that is shared between all windows of all applications. Our current plan is to use this standard menu bar on the top (an absolute must imo) but change it with whichever window is in the foreground if necessary. (Typically a Mac OS application only has a single menubar - not one per window)


On other platforms many controls have a very simple design and can thus support colorization, i.e. changing the background- and foreground color of a control for a great deal of different controls. On the mac this is not the case since controls are a piece of artwork and actually I don't see a reason for supporting this, expect for a few controls like the label and the textfield of course.

Cocoa or Carbon?

We have made our decision for Carbon because since it is a C-API (not Objective C) it is easier to interface from Eiffel and even though Apple recommends developing new applications in cocoa there are no plans to drop carbon and it is still actively developed.


Which GOBO version is required exactly? There is quite a big difference between GOBO 3.4 and GOBO CVS. (schoelle, 31.10.2006) I would say the Gobo 3.4 included in EiffelStudio 5.7, but the Gobo CVS should also work as far as I know.--manus 20:14, 31 October 2006 (CET)