EiffelStudio ChangeLog

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

Current official release

- See the Changelog of EiffelStudio 22.12 Releases

Next EiffelStudio Release

Beta download: https://account.eiffel.com/downloads/channel/beta

Stable download: https://account.eiffel.com/downloads/channel/stable

BETA 23.05.*.* (... 2023)

BETA 23.04.*.* (... 2023)

New features

  • IDE: Added "Toggle comment" to comment/uncomment current line/selection. The associated accelerator is Ctrl+/ .


  • IDE: Improved the impact of the zoom factor on EiffelStudio tools (especially features tool and errors&warnings tool)

Bug fixes

  • compiler: fixed a bug in {CONF_MODIFIED_VISITOR}.handle_class that caused random behavior of test#incr263 by unexpectedly flipping a state flag.
  • syntax_updaer: Corrected a bug with conversion of an old ECF when an option was set to a default, but this default was different in the new ECF version, by setting an explicit value instead.
  • EiffelBase: Fixed code iterating directly on the READABLE_STRING_(8|32).area by starting at the expected `area_lower` instead of 0. Otherwise strings created by IMMUTABLE_STRING_(8|12).shared_substring (...) were not correctly processed by those converters.
  • IDE: Fixed the uncomment of Eiffel lines when there was more than one block "--".
  • .Net (framework): Fixing location of dotnet (framework) executable in SDKs (resgen, ...)

Feature removed

  • IDE: removed "Recompile overrides" command and associated menu/toolbar/shortcut entries because override clusters should be always recompiled, including "quick_melt" compilation mode.

Libraries Improvements

  • EiffelBase: Made classes immune to default string/character size.
  • EiffelWEL: Improved the memory management for WEL_GDIP_IMAGE.
  • CMS: Updated feed management to restore the `title` if set in the feed aggregration (potentially update the description as well).
  • CMS: added basic CMS node management
  • Gobo-Project: Updated to Gobo Eiffel version 22.01 (added gecc, geimage and gedoc)

User changes

  • IDE: import previous credential when installing a new EiffelStudio version.
  • IDE: Updated color management when dark colors are used
    • added various preferences to let the user choose its own colors for many UI and text elements.
    • Use preferences for debugger tool\'s colors, so that user can choose their own colors.

Developer changes

  • .Net: moved .Net consumer `emdc.exe` under `%ISE_EIFFEL%\studio\spec\%ISE_PLATFORM%\bin\emdc.exe`.
  • .Net: added new .Net consumer `nemdc` tool to `%ISE_EIFFEL%\studio\spec\%ISE_PLATFORM%\bin\netcore` directory.
  • Code template: added a new `to_utf_8_string_8.e` code template.