EiffelStudio 24.05 Releases

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

Beta download: https://account.eiffel.com/downloads/channel/beta

Stable download: https://account.eiffel.com/downloads/channel/stable

EiffelStudio 24.05.... (May 2024)


  • dotnet: many improvements in the support of .NETCore (net6.0, net7.0, net8.0, ...) (see the online documentation for current limitations).
  • compiler: fixed type error in class ELSIF_EXPRESSION_B, related to BYTE_LIST.enlarge_tree
  • compiler: Added debugging support for Eiffel .NETCore applications on Windows.
  • dotnet: new warning to report that SCOOP concurrency is not yet available for .NET project and use instead the thread concurrency.
  • dotnet: updated generated csproj file (used to build "native" executable, and also make it simpler to debug Eiffel .NETCore applications with VisualStudio Code).
  • dotnet: Added pdb file generation for Eiffel .NETCore applications.
  • dotnet: added partial support for .Net generic methods.


  • studio: added [Ctrl]+[Up] and [Ctrl]+[Down] shortcuts to scroll up or down the editor by one line.
  • studio: added 3 composer commands (add attribute setter procedure, remove feature, add creation procedure) to assistant user in editor (see menu `Edit > Composer`...)
  • studio: Added a new way to authentication, using a "Sign in" challenge with the browser authentication system
  • studio: updated the release update checker to take into account the revision number for the full version.
  • compiler: ensure the IL environments also include the short name "net6.0, net7.0, ..." and not only the full version.

Bug fixes

  • studio: fixed regression, about displaying text longer than grid item width (fixed the ellipsis implementation)
  • studio: fixed EiffelStudio layout deletion operation
  • studio: fixed diagram tool "cancel export to PNG", to really cancel and stop any export action.
  • dotnet: fixed implementation of PLATFORM for dotnet on non Windows platforms.
  • dotnet: improved detection of the dotnet root directory (such as $HOME/.dotnet/ , ...)
  • espawn: fixed and improved the usage of espawn temporary file name
  • dotnet wizard: fixed the dotnet wizard implementation.
  • dotnet: improved implementation of object test for descendant of generic type.
  • dotnet: fixed instance free call on inherited external features.
  • dotnet: fixed Eiffel .Net support for builtin static features.
  • debugger: when starting an execution via the Execution parameters dialog, always apply changes if any.
  • various minor bug fixes (including as well typo, ...)

Libraries Bug fixes

  • vision2: do not modify anymore the EV_KEY_CONTANTS values, when used in relation with EV_KEY and EV_ACCELERATOR
  • process: use buffer.capacity instead of .count when calling read in order to use the full capacity.
  • docking: Fixed SD_TOOL_BAR_CONTENT.is_menu_bar if items is empty
  • WEL, vision2: ensures wel and vision2 applications are supported by Eiffel .NETCore compilation.

Libraries Improvements

  • compression/zlib: Added ZLIB_UTILITIES to make it simpler to (un)compress a file
  • CMS: improved the Eiffel CMS library (new cleanup hook, better redirection system, admin for node module, ...)
  • EiffelStore: Updated implementation and configuration to make it simpler to use on unices (priority to the MYSQLINC and MYSQLLIB variables if defined, otherwise try to use the msql-config script.)
  • EiffelWeb: Ignore the query part for URI mapping
  • JSON: Added JSON_BASIC_SERIALIZER for convenience.
  • JSON: The field name for type information is now customizable via the JSON_(DE)SERIALIZER_CONTEXT interface (default is "$TYPE").
  • Eiffel cURL: updated to version 8.5.0 of libcurl.
  • openSSL: Eiffel OpenSSL library updated to use the version 3.2.
  • EiffelVision2: added support for `pick_actions` on `EV_MODEL`

Developer changes

  • EiffelBase: Do not check anymore for VERSIONABLE conformance anymore in READABLE_INDEXABLE_ITERATION_CURSOR (rev#107717).
  • dotnet: Added "-metadata_cache_path" description in the compiler help message.
  • dotnet: Added a new environment variable ISE_DOTNET_ASSEMBLIES_PATH to overwrite the default location of the .Net MD Cache (under Eiffel User Files/.../dotnet/assemblies)
  • command line: added -appinfo to get information about Eiffelstudio installation (i.e: ?, version, short_version, version_type, layout, layout.install_path, layout.user_files_path, layout.hidden_files_path, environment).
  • compiler: on unices, to compile generated C code, use the compiler (usually gcc) instead of the specific 'ld' tool