Docking Feedback

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This is the page to provide feedback on the docking library intergration into EiffelStudio

Fixed Bugs


  • Loading a project with 10+ documents open takes a while. I suggest maintaining a first open status flag in each editor tab. That way you open the tabs all at once and only process the document when the user switches to that tab for the first time.
  • Implement standard CTRL+W to close a tab. (Actually, that's a GTK standard, right? Similar to Apple's Cmd-W? BUT ON WINDOWS, the standard is Ctrl+F4. PLEASE USE THE STANDARD APPROPRIATE TO THE PLATFORM.
  • Opening a new tab, by opening a new document, when a number of tabs are already open causes a significant amount of flickering.
  • Some windows should have minimum sizes, such as the Find and Replace.
  • The alt-tab window needs to look nicer. The 3D window look is outdated, can we use a flat-style border. The text also needs to be more compact. See VS .NET 2005.
  • Redraw docking target icon because it's copyright infringment.
  • Panes that are not tab-docked (those that are floating or docked without tabs) do not stay closed when closing EiffelStudio and reopening.
  • EiffelStudio starts 2/3rd down the screen.
  • Adding favourites from the menu doesn't work.
  • Toolbars can overlap. If you hide the standard toolbar and put another in its place, then if you choose to show the standard toolbar again it overlaps.
  • Making one of the main toolbars invisible (via the View | Toolbars menu), instead of causing the panes below to increase in height, leaves a vacant grey space at the bottom.
  • Output and C Output panes should have animated icons displaying compilation status.
  • A hidden error pane should be revealed on a compilation error. If there is not error but there is a warning then the warning pane should be revealed, if hidden.
  • Objects tool divider position is lost.
  • Crash if I don't have any editor tab open and enter a class in the address bar.
  • Start a compiling when debugging will cause focus lose in EiffelStudio.
  • Problems with undoing if I switch between editor tabs.
  • If I switch between tabs using ctrl-tab the old tab still has the focus.
  • After I ran my project, the warning tab, which is unpinned, always appears.
  • Saved external commands don't show neither in Tools menu nor in external command panel.
  • Auto-hide panels at the bottom have a 2 pixel gap.
  • Auto-hide panels icons are not aligned to the text.
  • If I add the search tool to a group that is unpinned and then disable the search tool and enable it again, it is not in the group anymore but a free floating window.
  • New editor tabs should get added to the same "tab set" that is currently active.
  • I don't get asked if I want to save my modified files if I have more than one tab open and the current tab has been saved (even though there are other tabs which have not yet been saved)
  • The complete display seems to "crash" from time, i.e. buttons and similar things are not drawn any more (or only if I go with the mouse cursor over it), sometimes we also get wrong font sizes.
  • Remove action get's disabled if I pick a class.
  • Closing last editor tab does not clean the features tool.
  • Trying to open a class when the editor pane is empty crashes EiffelStudio
  • Disabled toolbar icons are corrupted when accessing EiffelStudio through a terminal server session.
  • There are GDI leaks when switch tabs and when raising an auto-hide pane.
  • Editable documents do not get saved when compiling if modified and they are not the currently selected tab.
  • Diagram tool is not working properly. Dropping a stone on "target to cluster/class" doesn't work.
  • Sometimes the autohidden tabs don't appear anymore, using ctrl-tab to switch to them makes everything work again.
  • Right Click on tab on Linux, estudio will crash. But not happend on Windows.
  • Editor tab icons don't get refreshed after a compilation (e.g. if an uncompiled class becomes compiled).


  • Diagram tool add to editors area. So it can have a large view.
  • I hate seeing multiple target drop zone pixmaps. I want a preference to show only the zones applicable for the mouse cursor location.
  • Empty tabs are usless as they do not contain empty documents. If we are to have them when a new tab is created open the add new class dialog. If the user cancels do not add the tab, else add a tab with the new document inside.
  • (Out of view editor tab window) I didn't know what the bold elements in the list meant until it was explained. I suggest separating the list with a horizontal bar to separate the hidden and visible tabs.
  • (Out of view editor tab window) The elements should be ordered. I do not like seeing the clusters and classes mixed. I would also like the items ordered by name so they are easier to find, without typing the class name.
  • Undocked windows could snap to one another (see winamp/photoshop)
  • I would like to be able to open a new tab by dropping a class onto the open editor document. A combination of a preference and an alt-operation keyboard shortcut would do the trick.
  • I'd like to have one tool where all editor tabs are included. This would allow to move the editor and to minimize/close it in the debug view.
  • Allows hide/show of toolbars in toolbar docking area via a right-click.
  • Add new editor tabs on the right instead on the left.
  • Enable pick in tabs so you don't have to scroll up the editor to get the class name.
  • For auto-hide tools, if the tools is on the bottom of the screen, in order to see one tab in the tools, I have to move the mouse down, and then move the mouse to the left to select the tab, which is kind of time consuming, it would be nice if I only need to move the mouse down and it will show me the last shown tab.
  • It would be nice if newly added classes would be shown in a new tab.
  • A close icon on tabs would be helpful.
  • React too early after clicking on close button. I think close action should be handled by release actions.
  • Class history should be per editor tab (see Talk page)
  • Permit docking of other tools inside the editor pane but not allow editor tabs to be docked out. Useful for diagram tool and new tools on their way.
  • Store also the last opened feature in addition to the last opened class and go to this feature.