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= Priority =
= Priority =
* <trike>C1, L1</strike>
* <strike>C1, L1</strike>
* E2
* E2
* S1
* S1

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Things to do

Import feature

Importing content into Drupal's CMS and apply book structure

  • [C1] Convert previous xmldoc (ISE) content, into importable content for Drupal's CMS (Wiki based + meta data)
  • [L1] Import this specific format + meta data such as parent's page, page order ...
  • [L2] Import documentation of eiffel libraries generated by EiffelStudio

Export feature

Export book's content, in order to be able to import them back. This will also be used to store the documentation into subversion

  • [S1] export to the importable content (Wiki based + meta data)
  • [S2] export to docbook|DITA or similar to generate the PDF output

CMS feature

  • [E1] Wysiwyg editor ... for the wikitext, there is a mediawiki extension based on FCKEditor (try to port it to Drupal)
  • [E2] resolve the wiki link inside the drupal CMS (wikitool .. but find a hack to work without unique title ...).
  • [E3] build a dedicated drupal theme for the documentation site

  • About [E2]: For unique title, this is more a hack or workaround, you can have non unique title, but you should avoid.
  • About [E1]: this sounds quite tricky to port FCKeditor/Wikitext to drupal. Tricky .. or long, but we'll see...


  • C1, L1
  • E2
  • S1
  • L2


  • ~10 Sept: provide intranet Drupal-CMS to edit the documentation online using wikitext on drupal
  • end of Sept: make this "intranet" site public, thus ... Internet accessible by the Eiffel community. But let's keep quiet on this. Since it will be between alpha and beta quality. Need dedicated theme, better integration with existing Eiffel websites
  • Mid October: Announce, and allow people to become editor if they wish to contribute (they'll have to request this privilege)


  • Todo: integrate generated eiffel documentation from EiffelStudio .. (i.e: static html). The way to reference it from drupal is done using title syntax (interwiki)
  • Todo: customize the site's theme
  • Todo: implement the export to wikitext from Drupal
  • Todo: implement the export to PDF ... or whatever