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* [[User:Dfurrer| Dfurrer]]
* [[User:Dfurrer| Dfurrer]]
* [[User:Bayt| Bayt]]
* [[User:Bayt| Bayt]]
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* [[User: nih| nih]]
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* TODO add Jan Roeders Nick

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The goal of this project is to provide Vision with a cocoa backend to make it truly native on the mac. For more information please refer to the discussion page. See also OSX_release_infrastructure.


M1: April 25th

  • get EiffelStudio 5.7 compiled under OS X
  • set up mailinglist es-mac@origo.ethz.ch (Bernd)

M2: May 2nd

  • Get a Vision window displayed with a Cocoa window (involves eventloop porting)

M3: May

  • To be completed by the team


Everyone intrested in this project is welcome to join our mailinglist es-mac@origo.ethz.ch