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The term "persistence" covers all mechanisms that allow Eiffel objects to exist beyond the scope of a particular system execution.

A number of persistence solutions have been developed. The aim of this Category page is twofold:

  • To identify, document and catalog existing solutions.
  • To provide the basis for a single, unified mechanism covering all future persistence needs (the Unified Persistence Project.

Existing persistence mechanisms

(If you know of an approach not covered in the list, please add a short mention here and, if appropriate, a link to a more detailed description, e.g. a new page in the Persistence category. Only approaches that can work with EiffelStudio are relevant.)

  • STORABLE mechanism: general facility for storing object structures (all objects reachable from a given object, following the "persistence closure" principle). There are several variants of this mechanism:
    • Class STORABLE in the original EiffelBase, since widely used.
    • ...
  • EiffelStore library: Object-relational interface.
  • EiffelNet library: uses STORABLE to exchange object structures over a network

Unified Persistence Project

An ongoing project to provide a solution combining the best of all previous approaches.

OOSC specification

A number of the developments listed here rely in whole or in part on the specification given in chapter 30 of Object-Oriented Software Construction.

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