AutoTest Integration

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Project name: AECCS (Advanced Eiffel Contract Checking System)

Project description: integration of AutoTest into EiffelStudio

Mailing list:


M1: April 25th 2006

  • project page has been set up
  • members are on the team list
  • organizing meetings

M2: May 2nd 2006

  • team divided in sub groups
  • divided the project in its components
  • we need to treat AutoTest as black box (unless the developper is able to cope with the problems with Eiffel 5.7)

To Do

  • create a logo
  • put script files for others (Windows custom)
  • caller interface
  • interface to autotest
  • goals for Thursday May 4th 2006
- module groups meet and talk to each other
- every one has at least tried to compile ec
- over all design, rough idea how our implementation should look like
  • every one in the doc team has to get a wiki account

Hints for the work

  • Do the same thing in two groups simultaneously, probably one group has solved some problems faster than the other.



  • Thursday May 4th 13-14h (room IFW E 44)
  • No meeting on Thursday May 11th


The protocols and other links are mainly in german.