work status

  • (all assigned work done)

completed work

  • compiled Eiffel Studio using Bernd's BuildScript (see Automatic Build Scripts)
  • managed to compile and start ES IDE with modified About_Dialog
  • created small project to save some configs (in a XML file)
  • made the class to save the configs for the AutoTest Integration Project
  • assisted the subteam of the AutoTest Integration Project in charge of the output (> an output solution now exists)
  • submitted documentation information for the input (config part) and output part of AutoTest Integration and clarified some stuff
  • SVN commit: managed to integrate code (AECCS v.0.48) under linux into old version (ES Revision: 58470) according to information from Philipp Bönhof but failed to compile new Version (soft-arch branch, Revision: 60267) and therefore didn't integrate AECCS into it and didn't commit to SVN!