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The Xebra Tag Library is a container for the more mundane, simple tags which are used almost everywhere. They include loops, calls to the controller and other basic functionality.


Tag Description
<xeb:call feature="..." />

Calls the feature on the controller on render-time.

<xeb:loop times="..." variable="..." >

Loops its content "times" times. The optional 'variable' defines a local which contains the current index of the loop.

<xeb:redirect url="..." />

Redirects the server to a new page at "url". The redirect is done server internally.

<xeb:iterate list="..." variable="..." type="...">

Iterates over a list (defined with "list" as a controller call). The current item is stored in "variable" which is of type "type". This variable is known in the scope of the iterate tag.


This simple tag just groups parts of the site. Can be used to conditionally render some parts with the "render" attribute.

<xeb:display text="..." />

The display tag simply displays what is written in text (which can of course be dynamic content).