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Xebra HTTP Server Plugins

Mod_xebra for Apache

Xebra Server

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Xebra Tag Libraries

On the following pages you can find the descriptions of the different tags of the available tag libraries.

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Xebra Libraries

Thread Utilities

An implementation of a Thread Pool. There are two implementations: with or without data class reuse (DATA_THREAD_POOL and THREAD_POOL).

Xebra AST Elements

This library contains various classes which model eiffel language constructs. It consists of classes, features, comments, locals and expressions. They can be combined to build an object model of an eiffel class. Convenience features are provided to add locals and variables with unique names. AST Elements can be serialized to a text representation. It also contains some specialized classes for Xebra.

Xebra Common

Xebra_common contains all commands, command responses and interfaces for commands that are used by the server and the webapps. Furthermore, it contains deferred classes for server modules and webapp config classes.

Xebra Error

Provides internal error types for all xebra applications such as XERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE or XERROR_SOCKET_NOT_BOUND. These errors are not supplied to the browser but only displayed in the log/console.

Xebra Error Responses

Classes from xebra_error_responses are split into XER_SERVER: error responses generated by the server and XER_APP: error responses generated by the webapp. Both types are ultimately sent to the http server plugin and displayed in the user's browser. For instance XER_POST_TOO_BIG is a server error response that is created if the post request is bigger than allowed. XER_APP_CANNOT_FIND_PAGE is a response created by the webapp and then sent to the server if no servlet with the specified name was defined.

Xebra Http

Xebra_http provides classes for cookies, html requests, html responses, sessions and their parsers.

Xebra Taglibrary Base

The base tag library contains all the basic Xebra tag implementations like display, call and iterate. For a more detailed explanation of the tags see the documentation.

Xebra Taglibrary Form

The form tag library contains all tag implementations for form related tags. Automatic wrapping of values, controls and validations are included in this library. For a more detailed explanation see here.

Xebra Taglibrary XRPC

This tag library contains tags for XML-RPC applications. For further information see here.

Xebra Utilities

Xebra_utilities is a collection of independent helper classes such as text escaper, file utilities, log outputter, stopwatch, string expander etc.

Xebra Tags

Contains all super classes used for xebra tags and xebra tag arguments. Also contains super classes for servlet generation (XGEN_SERVLET_GENERATOR).

Xebra Web Application

Provides all necessary base classes such as XWA_SERVLET, XWA_CONTROLLER, XWA_APPLICATION to webapp applications. Takes care of communication with server.



Build Windows Installer

  • Install apache (c:\apache)
  • Visual Build Professional 7:
    • Open xebra\tools\installer\win\XebraBuild.bld
    • Adapt Macro->Project variables to match your system (APACHE, ROOT)
    • Run
  • Inno Setup 5 Compiler
    • Open xebra\tools\installer\win\innosetup\xebra_install_test.iss
    • Generate new AppId
    • Changed AppVersion
    • Check that LicenseFile file exists (gnu licence?)
    • Check Source files are correct folder
    • Build