Here you'll find a list of tools that can be publically used under the GPL. They are developed in-house for testing or assistance purposes and are not supported unless distributed with a release of an Eiffel Software product. Saying that, bug reports are welcome but should be through a responsible contact (each tool page should list the reponsible contact.)

All tools are located under the public repository under unless otherwise stated.


  • Parser Benchmark (parser_benchmark)
    A tool for benchmarking the Eiffel parser performance using a number of built-in factories.

Microsoft .NET

  • Eiffel for .NET Metadata Consumer (emdc)
    A tool to consume assemblies without the use of an Eiffel for .NET compiler. This can be useful in build scripts, debugging and even just for personal use.
  • Eiffel for .NET Compliance Checker (compliance_checker)
    A tool to check .NET assemblies for "Eiffel-compliance" (what can be used in Eiffel). It also reports illegally marked CLS-Compliant assemblies. A worthy verification tool to .NET component vendors and users of any available .NET assembly.
    This tool is distributed with EiffelEnvision.
  • .NET Reference Builder (dotnet_reference_builder)
    A tool to examine all of the references of a .NET assembly and optionally modify an ECF (Eiffel Configuration File) to include/correct references.
  • Snippet Generator (snipgen)
    (Not yet publically available.) A tool to generate code snippets for Eiffel and any other language for Visual Studio .NET 2005 and beyond.
    This tool is distributed with EiffelEnvision.


  • Eiffel Make (eiffel_make)
    A tool to start C/C++ compilation after a freeze Eiffel compilation. The tool respects multi-processor machines and compiles using all availabe processors.
    This tool is distributed in all products using the Eiffel compiler.
  • Eiffel Matrix Code Generator (eiffel_matrix_code_generator)
    A tool to generate accessor Eiffel EiffelVision2 classes from a configuration INI file, matched to a PNG pixmap matrix.
  • Compile All Tool (compile_all)
    A tool to recursively compile all targets in a directory.