Syntax checking/Visualisation

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Work distribution for Milestone on June 15.

  • Oli: find out how to add data to the EV_OUTPUT pane; do a proof of concept
  • Mätthu: find out how to draw a popup window; do a proof of concept
  • Fabi & Janick: find out how to go from keyboard x,y to token and from mouse x,y to token (or to keyboard x,y , then to token); add those features to editor

Status token from moue/keyboard

relevant data in EB_CLICKABLE_EDITOR

Underlining proof of concept from May 23.

Ec-proof-of-concept.gif Screenshot of EiffelStudio with every token underlined.

Meeting of the 12.05.06, Visualsation Team

Summary of the important classes with little description of the features we plan to use:


  • most important class
  • all the other tokens inherit from this Class
  • implement a boolean "is_correct”, who indicates if the token is syntacticly correct or not.
  • color, position and other stuff is saved here too.


  • top token class for all text-related tokens
  • width -> the size of the token in pixel
  • display_with_colors: this should be the feature we could hook to do draw our underlining


  • container containing tokens

Next Steps are to implement the boolean (shouldn't be that hard), find a way to get the information from the parser group (define an API), use the information and set the boolean and in the end draw the underline.

TEXT_OBSERVER, EDITABLE_TEXT_PANEL.on_char may be relevant for parser hook too!

BON token text.png