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The aim of this project is to provide adequate, but non obtrusive feedback to user about syntax errors. This is done by checking syntax as you type and underlining syntax errors by the well knwon wavy red line. Furthermore, error descriptions and possible solutions should be provided.

The Project is named SynChé, which is a combination of syntax and checking. The é at the end is important, as a cool name needs either a recursive acronym or a special character from a non English language.


PDF Synché documentation

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

You can find our SRS here



M1: April 25th

  • Get home-grown EiffelStudio up and running.

M2: May 2nd

  • Put your name in this Wiki!
  • Analyse source code to certain degree, so discussion about interfaces between parser and visual is possible

M3: May 9th

  • SRS written
  • Overview of relevant classes (BON diagram or more)
  • Further Project Milestones specified, based on SRS and knowledge about code

May 12th

Results of the Meeting: Visualisation

May 17th

Results of Parser Group: Parser

M4: May 23rd

  • Parser Group: Find out what results you get from the parser
  • Visualisation Group: Write a feature that draw the red underline

M6: June 27th

  • Parser Group: Multi Error Parser (don't stop parsing after first error encountered)
  • Visualisation Group: Draw the mouseover boxes; find how to use stones (especially x,y coordinates -> stones/tokens); collect all parser errors into information window on bottom


Everyone intrested in this project is welcome to join our mailinglist At this point, the team is divided into two groups at this point, one responsible for the parser, the other one for visual feedback (like underlininig).

Visual Feedback