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The whole build process of EiffelStudio is rather tedious at the moment. This project aims to simplify this by various means:

  • Tight integration of GOBO geant into the build process
  • Setup checker - a script that checks that the current development environment is correctly setup for the development on EiffelStudio
  • Fully automated build scripts that enable the compilation of the runtime, libraries and EiffelStudio with a single command
  • Automatic generation of an Eiffel delivery from a successful compilation, including all necessary tools

This will lead to a better overall build infrastructure, automated (nightly) builds, and things alike. We work on our own branch of the sourcecode, but will sync it from time to time with the EiffelStudio SVN trunk.

Other goals of the effort include:

  • Transition of EiffelStudio from GOBO 3.4 to a more current GOBO release.
  • Extension of geant tasks as seen necessary.
  • Minimization of foreign software tools required for the compilation.
    • Specially to get rid of the dependency on Cygwin on Windows.
  • Production a one-click-and-go script for easy installation and compilation.

We aim to have a compact build process by using only Eiffel related tools (mainly geant scripts).

Current Status

There are already a number of GEANT scripts available in the 'Src/scripts/geant' directory. These scripts cover compilation of EiffelStudio, the runtime and the libraries. An existing GOBO installation will be used if available. The setup checker script checks for major problems in the setup.


  • makefile/batchfile for getting the installation started (for users unexperienced with gobo/geant)
  • expand setup-checker
    • find more dependencies on windows
  • automatical use of existing gobo-installations
  • full migration of the tree to current GOBO
  • building a delivery