Since there are many sectorial terms in EiffelStudio there is a need for consensus on how to translate many of these terms. Below are those used in the current Spanish translation of EiffelStudio, which is work in progress right now. Please, feel free to propose an alternative translation.

General Guidelines

These are the guidelines we are using now:

  • Do not leave English terms around. Even when it sounds better to many people, including myself, it is not Spanish. Those of us who feel better using the English terms can use the English version of EiffelStudio.
  • When possible, use words known and common at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to avoid having to maintain more than 1 Spanish translation.
  • Check the terms used in the Spanish version of OOSC-II and of widely used software as Windows, Linux distros, VisualStudio, Eclipse, etc to get some suggestions.
  • Remember EiffelStudio runs on many platforms so using Windows' terms like carpeta (folder) o acceso directo (shortcut) is not a good idea.

Another valid approach would be to keep the domain words untranslated. This way it will be easier to interact with users of other languages and search for error messages. Please, let us know what you think is the best approach here

Could we provide both translations in case there are many people interested?

When editing this page, please keep the established alphabetical order.

When adding an entry, use the following template or copy an existing entry:

| english word
| spanish translation
| alternate translation
| context / comment

If a translation is wrong or you have a better idea, start a discussion about it. You can also mark the translation in the list by replacing the entry header



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PO file

The PO file is not available yet from the subversion repository.

Current Translations

English Translation Alternate Translation Context / Comment


Backup [copia] de seguridad (In some contexts it's better to use only de seguridad)


Cluster Agrupamiento
Clickable Clicable Since clic is already a Spanish word clicable is a valid derivation expressing the ability of been clicked


Directory Directorio


Feature Característica
File Archivo
Freeze, Frozen Congelar, Congelado


Handler Manipulador stone handler


Indent Sangría, Espaciado
Index, Indexing Índice, Indexar


Library Biblioteca (this term has been historically incorrectly translated to librería)
Layout Distribución


Melt, Melted Derretir, Derretido compilation


Profile, Profiler Perfil, Perfilador
Pull up Arrancar, Extraer refactoring: pull up feature


Routine Rutina
Raise Lanzar raise exception
Raise Mostrar, Elevar raise window


Workbench compilation: workbench mode vs. finalized mode

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