Xebra Tutorial

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Create a webapp

  1. Setup an initial Eiffel project for your webapp. For that matter you can use this script which creates all necessary files. Make sure to assign a free port to your webapp (see also Xebra Webapp Config File). The webapp has to be created in the same folder that is specified in the servers config file at webapps_root. See Xebra Server Config File for more information.
  2. Run the server and browse to http://localhost:55000/yourwebapp. The server will translate and compile your webapp. Once compiled, you should see a page displaying "Yourwebapp works!".
  3. Create xeb files for your webapp. See Xebra Xeb-Files for a documentation about xeb files. Note that you have to let the server retranslate your webapp everytime you change xeb-files or add new xeb-files. This can be done by just pressing F5 in the browser. The server automatically detects that the webapp has to be retranslated if it is set to Development Mode (see Xebra Server Administration for more info).
  4. Create the eiffel classes.

Run Xebra Server

  1. Note that you should have compiled the translator before you run the server.
  2. If you have not done so, open the file $XEBRA_DEV/eiffel_projects/xebra_server/config.ini and adapt translator, compiler, and webapps_root to your configuration (see Xebra Server Config File).
  3. Launch estudio and open the project $XEBRA_DEV/eiffel_projects/xebra_server/xebra_server-voidunsafe.ecf
  4. Go to the Exceptions Handling dialog and disable DEVELOPER_EXCEPTION (this is due to a bug in the NET library that has not been fixed yet).
  5. Open the Execution Parameters dialog and set "config.ini -d 10" as argument (see Xebra Server Administration for more info about run arguments).
  6. Compile and run
  7. Browse to http://localhost:55000/helloworld/. The server now translates, generates, compiles and finally runns the helloworld application.

Manually translate a webapp

To manually translate, generate and compile your webapp use the following commands

cd $XEBRA_DEV/httpd/htdocs/yourwebapp/
$XEBRA_DEV/eiffel_projects/xebra_translator/EIFGENs/W_code/xebra_translator -n yourwebapp -i . -o . -t $XEBRA_DEV/eiffel_projects/xebra_translator/ -d 10
#Compile servlet_gen
ec -config .generated/servlet_gen/servlet_gen.ecf -target servlet_gen -c_compile -stop
#Execute servlet_gen
.generated/servlet_gen/EIFGENs/servlet_gen/W_code/servlet_gen .
#Compile webapp
ec -config yourwebapp.ecf -target yourwebapp -c_compile -stop

Optionally, you can add the "-clean" option for ec and the "-force" option for translator to force a complete recompilation.