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=== Xebra Server ===
=== Xebra Server ===
* Multithreaded request processing
* Implement multithreaded request processing
=== Webapps ===
=== Webapps ===

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The following list represents the improvements which should be implemented in further releases but which are yet missing.

Xebra Translator

  1. Allow parameters for calls in xeb files. As for now it is only possible to use predefined variables (multiple allowed). The new implementation would allow manifest strings, integers and all the other primitive types to be added. For this purpose the grammar has to be modified and probably some model classes.
  2. Make sure that all the variable names used don't conflict with other names (unless the user used them twice).
  3. Allow injected #{} and %=% into attributes, replacing the functionality of xeb:concat. In a bigger step the grammar for attributes could be expanded to allow Eiffel expressions.
  4. Establish common names and change tags accordingly if they don't conform. An example is 'type' which should be used instead of 'class'.
  5. Multi-threaded translation

Xebra Server

  • Implement multithreaded request processing


  • Multithreaded request processing


  • Fix memory leak in socket.accept
  • Implement i18n support
  • Implement chaching
  • Add support for unicode