Vision4Mac changelog

Main site 15.05.2007: There are quite a few updates since I posted the last time: We have been working on a layout inspector that can be easily included in any vision application and it allows us to see the structure of the layout of the current application which is a great help for debugging. Ueli is working on the layout right now. I have also made some more native functions accessible which resulted in the implementation of the File Open Dialogue and the Color Picker Dialogue. Here's a screenshot where you can see the layout inspector and the color picker. (D)

20.04.2007: We have started to do some work again in the last weeks and are now using the Vision2 Demo application as our main testing playground. Check out the screenshots. (D)

13.11.2006: Jann has been working on creating a script for MacPorts that should make it really easy for anyone to get Eiffel Studio running on her Mac. Check out the EiffelOnMac page. (D)

27.10.2006: After a short break we're back at ETH again and we have started to work on our project again. (D)

01.09.2006: I'm posting two new screenshots, showing the proggress we've made in the last two weeks. We have the widgets example running now which gives us a simple way to do some basic testing with the widgets we have implemented so far. (D)

15.08.2006: While we have made some progress on pixmaps, horizontal/vertical views and the menu I've made a new build of EiffelStudio from the latest PorterPackage. [1] (D)

11.08.2006: After a short break due to the exam session (and a few weeks of holidays ;)) we have started to work on the project again as part of our semester thesis supervised by Till G. Bay. We also have a Task / Bug tracker now. (D)

24.06: We have now a simple Vision2 App (two buttons to set the language of the Window Title) running with the Carbon implementation. Have a look to the screenshot on top of the page. or get the vision2 project from here [2] and the carbon implementation from svn.

23.06: In the current SVN Version of the Vision2 Library (Carbon Implemetation), a few functions (including show, resizing...) of the window, the button and the EV_FIXED are working. Another important Milstone is, that we managed to handle events and to run an Event Loop.

10.06: We have now striped down a copy of the gtk vision implementation and started to implement the first few features. The code is still ugly, but you can get it here. [3]. A screen shot is at the top of this page :)

02.06: You can get the simple Carbon example Application, which we try to build in vision, here [4]

09.05: We have now delegated some tasks:

  • Eiffel Media Package for Mac (Roland)
  • GTK based .app package, probably universal (Dani & Maeli)
  • Look into Carbon application development (Ueli)
  • Look into wrapping Carbon headers with EWG (Jann)

It also seems that using Carbon instead of Cocoa is more realistic for this project, so we'll primarily look into Carbon now.

06.05: We now have a graphical version of ES 5.7 running on OS X (both ppc and intel). The problem was with the fontconfig libraray: The 2.3.2 version seems to crash where the 2.2.3 works fine. There are still a few problems with fonts sizes though... From what Jann tells me self compilation is also no problem anymore so we can really start hacking the beast now.

30.4: We have EiffelStudio compiled for ppc and running on ppc and intel macs. The Gtk+ GUI works more or less but some things (like wizards) are missing atm. It required a lot of hacking and we're now trying to get newer builds, and streamline the process for getting a build on the mac. I think the next goal should be to get a self-compiling version of ec so that we can skip building the f_code on linux and then adopt the build-script.