VSTTE address check

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The following is the list of the addresses that we DO NOT YET HAVE for the VSTTE 2005 attendees (see here for the confirmed addresses). The purpose of this page is to make sure we ship the proceedings to the appropriate addresses. The page will be removed as soon as the books have been shipped.


  • You must be logged in first. Use the "Log in / Create account" link at the top-right of this page (in white over the dark blue background of the Eiffel tower picture). Use the user name and password that have been sent to you by email.
  • Find your name in the list.
  • Click the "Edit" mark to the right of your name.
  • You will find yourself in Wiki edit mode and will see two lines of the form <pre> and </pre>. They delimit your entry.
  • Between those two lines, enter your full postal address (including your name) as it should appear on the envelope.

Thank you for your cooperation and for making this volume possible.

-- The VSTTE organization committee


Bertrand Meyer
Chair of Software Engineering
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 ETH Zentrum

Jean-Raymond Abrial

Ralph Back

Dines Bjorner

Willem Paul de Roever

Michael Ernst

David Gill

Helen Gill

Allan Goldberg

Masami Hagiya

Hagiya's co-author

Stefan Hallerstede

Klaus Havelund

Mike Hinchey

Professor Mike Hinchey
International Science Centre
University of Limerick

Andrew Ireland

He Jifeng

Mathai Joseph

Tiziana Margaria

Edu Metz

Greg Nelson

Ernst-Rüdiger Olderog

Amir Pnueli

Sanjiva Prasad

Ganesan Ramalingam

Mike Reed

Martin Rinard

Grigore Rosu

Harald Ruess

John Rushby

Mooly Sagiv

Sagiv's co-author

Florian Schneider

Michel Sintzoff

Bernhard Steffen

Cesare Tinelli

Georg Weissenbacher

Steve Zdancewic

Juanjun Zhao