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About me

Software developer. Computer Science enginering degree from LTH, Lund, Sweden 1993. Consultant for Generic Integration AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Current work projects

  • Vaktis. A RBAC-system written in Eiffel.
  • ELDAP. Eiffel LDAP library.
  • aPig. API generator. Generates Eiffel classes, C header files, DEF files, SWIG .i files and HTML documentation from aPig specification files.
  • Eiffel Studio builder for SCons.

Current spare time projects

  • ECLOP. Eiffel command line parser library.
  • Yeps (Yet another Eiffel Persistence solution). Berkeley DB based Eiffel persistance library.
  • Taxosoft. System for working with biological taxonomies and nomenclature