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I'm currently working on the mac port of EiffelStudio.


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Latest news

03.07.09: I haven't posted any updates here, but a lot has happened. EiffelStudio on the Mac is in a much better shape in general. A native version using Cocoa is in the alpha stage and can be compiled from the trunk. more...

15.05.07: We are currently making some real progress again and hope to have EiffelStudio running with our implementation Really Soon Now (TM).

31.10.06: We're back and working again.

01.09.06: We have made some progress in the last few weeks (as you can see in the screenshots). Not as much as I hoped though. In the next few weeks (until oct. 10) I'll be away in Germany, Denmark and the US :-)

30.05.06: I have built new binaries for Intel from the latest source and put together an app package. The font problems are gone now and compilation works. Get it here:

06.05.06: We now have a graphical version of ES 5.7 running on OS X (both ppc and intel). The problem was with the fintconfig libraray: The 2.3.2 version seems to crash where the 2.2.3 works fine. There are still a few problems with fonts sizes though..

03.05.06: With some help of Jann I managed to compile EiffelStudio on my intel-mac. The compiler seems to work but when I try to start in graphical mode I now get the same error (segfault in a pango call) we have seen on the ppc-mac before.

30.04.06: A new built F_Code from a fresh checkout is available at . The GUI seems to work calling "ec -from_bench".

24.04.06: I've uploaded the F_code on my ethz webspace. You can get it here: --removed-- . It compiles sucessfully under linux, I couldn't get the GUI to start though.

23.04.06: I'm trying to compile the code on my Ubuntu Linux installation using gcc3.3 and gtk2.8.17 - the same versions that are available on the mac (gtk2 through darwin ports).