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The basic ideas are the following:

  • Do the Unicode stuff first as an outside library that takes STRING_GENERAL instances as argument
    • The implementation should be as compact as possible for the tables, and of course very efficient. This is actually a quite difficult work since it requires some reading of the Unicode standard.
      • I would say it requires reading the text of the entire book once, plus the standard annexes, and then re-reading (maybe several times) the sections relevant to the particular task you are engaged on. At least, I found this approach necessary when I was implementing geuc, and UTF-16 and UTF-32 serialization, in order to get a good grasp on all the issues involved. (Colin Adams)
  • Implement helper classes using RAW_FILE as argument to read text file in a special unicode encoding
    • Looks like there are some kind of standard out there using BOM
  • update editor to accepts STRING_GENERAL instances as arguments and thus enabling user to enter unicode characters