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There are issues with the installer:

  • Installing EiffelStudio from a mpkg file created by MacPorts on a freshly installed and updated 10.5.8 works fine, but when trying to start EiffelStudio the X server will come up, then the application hangs and nothing more happens. (It seems to be stuck in EC_EV_LAUNCHER root's creation procedure)
  • Interestingly EiffelStudio will start when the environement variables are not defined (the GTK+ window shows up correctly) but is then not able to find icons, wizards, etc.
  • Installing MacPorts, building gtk2 and then installing eiffelstudio.pkg on that machine seems to fix the problem. There seems to be some problem with installing gtk2 with the pkg files.
  • For the compilation to work with a binary installation at least make and gcc need to be available. So either we should list the installation of XCode as an additional step or add a dependency to the portfile, so that they will be installed with the eiffelstudio.mpkg file.