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  • Trigger collapsing of all tree nodes Shift+Numpad-
  • Trigger collapsing of current tree node Ctrl+Left
  • Trigger expansion of all tree nodes Shift+Numpad*
  • Trigger expansion of current tree node Ctrl+Right
  • Trigger external commands Alt+[0,9]
  • Trigger display of search panel Ctrl+Alt+F


  • Basic
    • Copy Ctrl+C
    • Cut Ctrl+X
    • Paste Ctrl+V
    • To upper case Ctrl+U
    • To lower case Ctrl+Shift+U
    • Redo Ctrl+Y
    • Undo Ctrl+Z
    • Select all Ctrl+A
    • Toggle line numbers Ctrl+L
    • Indent selection Tab
    • Unindent selection Shift+Tab
    • Comment Ctrl+K
    • Uncomment Ctrl+Shift+K
    • Embed "if..." Ctrl+I
    • Embed "debug..." Ctrl+D
  • Views
    • Go to basic text view Ctrl+Shift+T
    • Go to clickable text view Ctrl+Shift+C
    • Go to flat text view Ctrl+Shift+F
    • Go to contact text view Ctrl+Shift+O
    • Go to interface text view Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Code completion
    • Trigger feature completion Ctrl+Space
    • Trigger class completion Ctrl+Shift+Space
  • Search and replace
    • Trigger backward search Shift+F3
    • Trigger search on last searched item Ctrl+F3
    • Trigger search on current selection F3
    • Trigger quick search bar Ctrl+F
    • Trigger display of search panel Ctrl+Alt+F
    • Trigger display of search panel focused on replace Ctrl+H

Code completion window

  • Enable/Disable filter F1
  • Show/Hide types F2
  • Show/Hide signatures F3
  • Show/Hide disambiguated names F4
  • Enable/Disable remembering size F5