OSX release infrastructure

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The goal of this project is to be able to script the release of Mac universal binaries for OS X. We are currently using MacPorts to build the releases and usually have an entry for the latest PorterPackage as well. In the long run it would be nice to be able to create a .dmg file (or an installer) directly from what we have in MacPorts.

Currently the OS X release of Eiffel Studio is a app package that contains the standard /EiffelXY folder as known from other platforms as well as some additional stuff like a script that sets enviroment variables and automatically launches the X11-Server, a skin for gtk2 and some libraries.

I think the easiest way to generate a "universal binary" (i.e. a universal app package) would be to just build the beast on the two platforms and put the binaries for both in the package. Then we can decide which one to launch with the start script.