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The list of changes we think are needed to make the gobo tools understand ecf:


Change it so that there is no external access to classes, clusters. All access has to go over the features like

  • has_class
  • has_cluster
  • has_cluster_by_name
  • eiffel_class
  • class_by_name
  • cluster_by_name

Which now take a group as argument for the lookup.

Implement a descendant of ET_UNIVERSE that does degree 6 and class lookup based on ecf with the configuration library.

We'll also have to change the access to the mapped basic classes (like string) to be context sensitive features that take a group (as the mapping can be different in different groups).

There are some things that are not yet completely clear how they are handled and how they need to be adjusted for ecf. For example how exactly are overrides handled? In ET_CLUSTER we have dependence constraints, what exactly are they?