GUI Testing Problems

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When doing GUI testing with Capture/Replay techniques, several problems arise which will be presented here.

Event Capturing

Native Components

Only Windows is considered here. GTK is not yet evaluated.

Standard Dialogs

When the mouse enters in one of the native dialogs, the application doesn't receive mouse events anymore. Thus no information can be collected about what happens on the dialog (not even mouse movement)

native dialogs:

  • file dialog
  • font dialog
  • print dialog
  • color dialog


When the mouse is over a scrollbar the position of the mouse is not associated with the corrsponding widget (e.g. text area) anymore. All scroll events are processed by the Windows API and not apparent to Vision2.

Custom Widgets

A generic Capturing/Replay approach can only use Vision2 widgets specific operations. Thus all additional information about a widgets specifi type are lost. In EiffelStudio this is a special problem since the editor component is based on a drawing area. The capturing has no information about the contents of the drawing area as text and cannot make position-independent actions on a drawing area. Such an approach would therefore use absolute mouse positions and will be vulnerable to changes such as font size.