GSOC Application

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Link ID: eiffel

Group Name: Eiffel Software

Home Page URL:

Public Email: ...


Why is your group applying to participate? What do you hope to gain by participating?

What is the main public mailing list for your group?

Where is the main IRC channel for your group?


What criteria do you use to select the members of your group?

Please be as specific as possible.

Has your group participated previously?

If so, please summarize your involvement and any past successes and failures.

If your group has not previously participated, have you applied in the past?

If so, for what sort of participation?

What license does your organization use?

What is the URL to the ideas list of your organization?

What is the main development mailing list for your group?

What is the application template you would like contributors to your organization to use.?

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing contributors?

What is your plan for dealing with disappearing members?

What steps will you take to encourage contributors to interact with your community before, during, and after the program?

What will you do to ensure that your accepted contributors stick with the project after the program concludes?

Please select your backup group administrator