Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation problems

Question: After installing ES 6.0 (69201) on Win XP Home using Borland CC, BCB can't link to vision2.lib, rendering ES unusable. (Projects Makefile expects a windows branch in bcb library path which doesn't exist.)
Answer: Fix the paths in vision2.ecf and wel.ecf.

Question: Now I run into linking problems. Recompiling everything doesn't help.
Answer: Abandon BCC and try again with msdk cc.

Compilation Problems


Question: Where do I get the source code for the Eiffel compiler and other tools?
Answer: Please see Repository

Question: Why am I being asked for a password when accessing the SVN repository
Answer: Make sure you have the correct repository path listed in the Repository instructions

Question: What is the process for submitting changes to EiffelStudio
Answer: There is no formal submission and review system at the moment. If you do not have commit rights and would like to make a contribution please send your patch to somebody who does. (If you don't know who is responsible for the area you're working on try Emmanuel Stapf)