Eweasel How To

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Getting eweasel

First you need to get the source code of eweasel. It is part of the EiffelStudio SVN repository under trunk/eweasel. Let's suppose you have a Test directory, available, here is what you need to do in this directory:

svn co https://eiffelsoftware.origo.ethz.ch/svn/es/trunk/eweasel eweasel

Setting up an EiffelStudio delivery for eweasel

To perform testing, you need a modified version of the EiffelStudio delivery, refer to those instructions for building one.

Setting up your environment

You need to define the following environment variable:

  • ISE_EIFFEL should point to your EiffelStudio delivery (made above)
  • ISE_LIBRARY should point to the same value as $ISE_EIFFEL
  • ISE_PLATFORM should be your platform name (e.g. windows, win64, linux-x86, solaris-sparc, etc...). However for .NET, it has to be dotnet.
  • EWEASEL should be Test/eweasel (replace Test by the absolute path to the Test directory)
  • EWEASEL_OUTPUT should be set to a directory location used by the test engine to perform the compilations and keeping any outputs produced by the tests. If not set it will be in $EWEASEL/tmp.

And you also need to update your PATH environment variable so it reads:

  • On Unix: $EWEASEL/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin
  • On Windows: $EWEASEL/spec/windows/bin

Windows only

You need to update your C compiler flags so that it always generates a DOS application (on Windows default is a GUI application) because eweasel needs to redirect the output of the applications to a file. It depends on the C compiled instead:

  • For Microsoft, edit the file $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/config/windows/msc/config.eif and modify it so that it specifies SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE instead of -SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS.
  • For Borland, edit the file $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/config/windows/bcb/config.eif and modify it so that it specifies -ap instead of -aa.

Launching the test

In $EWEASEL/bin you will find scripts call run_eweasel, run_eweasel_catalog and run_eweasel_filter (add the .bat extension for Windows) which helps you launch tests.

  • run_eweasel: copy the right `general.cfg' file to your delivery, checkout the latest version of the libraries from the EiffelStudio delivery, precompiles the precompiled libraries needed by eweasel, launch eweasel and store the results in a file.
  • run_eweasel_catalog: run the tests from a specified catalog
  • run_eweasel_filter: run one particular test