Eweasel How To

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Getting eweasel

First you need to get the source code of eweasel. It is part of the EiffelStudio SVN repository under trunk/eweasel.

Setting up an EiffelStudio delivery for eweasel

To make things safer, it is recommended that you duplicate your EiffelStudio delivery for the purpose of testing. It is also recommended that you use the source control system to perform this.

Setting up your environment

You need to define ISE_EIFFEL, ISE_LIBRARY, ISE_PLATFORM and EWEASEL correctly.

For ISE_EIFFEL, ISE_LIBRARY and ISE_PLATFORM, the definition is obvious.

For EWEASEL environment variable:


Then on Windows only, you need to update your C compiler flags so that it always generates a DOS application (on Windows default is a GUI application) because eweasel needs to redirect the output of the applications to a file.

For Microsoft, edit the file $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/config/windows/msc/config.eif and modify it so that it specifyies SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE instead of -SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS.

For Borland, edit the file $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/config/windows/bcb/config.eif and modify it so that it specifyies -ap instead of -aa.


If you specify dotnet for ISE_PLATFORM the scripts mentioned in the next section will assume you are compiling for .NET.

Launching the test

In $EWEASEL/bin you will find scripts call run_eweasel, run_eweasel_catalog and run_eweasel_filter (add the .bat extension for Windows) which helps you launch tests.

  • run_eweasel: copy the right `general.cfg' file to your delivery, checkout the latest version of the libraries from the EiffelStudio delivery, precompiles the precompiled libraries needed by eweasel, launch eweasel and store the results in a file.
  • run_eweasel_catalog: run the tests from a specified catalog
  • run_eweasel_filter: run one particular test