Environment Roadmap

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Roadmap information for EiffelStudio releases:


  • Attached mechanism


  • Non-conforming inheritance
  • Proper semantics of feature replication
  • Configurable commands (i.e. location and shortcut)
  • Addition of binary and octal notation for manifest integers
  • Exception as object

6.0 (1st quarter 2007)

  • Improved docking facilities in EiffelStudio to fully control the layout of EiffelStudio
  • Object test syntax support
  • Ability to see/edit environment variables used in a project configuration file
  • Internationalization support
  • Mac native support
  • Ability to download libraries/applications from a website directly from EiffelStudio (see Discovering Configuration Files)
  • Reading of UTF-8 Eiffel source file
  • Configurable pick-and-drop: user can choose between a contextual menu or pick-and-drop within the EiffelStudio environment
  • Reduce size of C generated in workbench mode
  • Keyboard support for code browsing/activation - F12 to go to context reference in editor, F9 to set a breakpoint, etc.
  • Progress bar for degree 6, C compilation and automatic precompilation
  • "Hidden" clusters in libraries, clusters that are not accessible if the library is used (like libraries in libraries are not accessible).


  • This is the first open source version of EiffelStudio. Look at the release notes of 5.7 for more information.