Environment Roadmap

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A separate page gives the detailed roadmap for implementation of the full ISO/ECMA Eiffel standard.

Roadmap information for EiffelStudio releases:

EiffelStudio 6.4 (2nd quarter 2009)


  • Customizable menus and toolbars
  • Revisit the project settings window
  • Progress bar for degree 6, for C compilation and for automatic precompilation
  • Better wizards



  • Mac native support


  • Resource library

EiffelStudio 6.3 (4th quarter 2008)

This version will not bring major new functionality. We aim at fixing all the inconveniences that people may have experimented with our previous releases.

EiffelStudio 6.2 (2nd quarter 2008)


  • Keyboard support for code browsing/activation - Esc to go to context reference in editor, F9 to set a breakpoint, etc.
  • More refactoring
  • Contract Editor.
  • More intellisense in the editor (snippet, ...)
  • Smart compiling (The goal is to not have to press the compile button ever).


  • More on attached types and CAPs
  • Exception as object
  • Catcall checker
  • Proper semantics of feature replication and non-conforming inheritance
  • Reading of UTF-8 Eiffel source file


  • Allow reference to external documentation from Eiffel code (external can be: wiki, PDF, Word documents, ...).


  • Allow edition of variables in debugger


  • Reduce size of C generated in workbench mode

EiffelStudio 6.1 (4th quarter 2007)


  • Attached mechanism
  • Non-conforming inheritance
  • Object test syntax support
  • Report more than one error at a time


  • Execution replay
  • Various improvements

EiffelStudio 6.0 (2nd quarter 2007)


  • Improved docking facilities in EiffelStudio to fully control the layout of EiffelStudio
  • Configurable pick-and-drop: user can choose between a contextual menu or pick-and-drop within the EiffelStudio environment
  • Internationalization support
  • Customizable shortcuts


  • Warning/error for changed environment variables used in a project configuration file
  • "Hidden" clusters in libraries, clusters that are not accessible if the library is used (like libraries in libraries are not accessible).
  • Clean up "inheritance" rules for project settings (e.g. assertion levels of libraries)
  • Addition of binary and octal notation for manifest integers


  • Clean up delivery, names of tools, directory layout.
  • Get rid of *.wb files and store this in the user settings.

EiffelStudio 5.7 (4th quarter 2006)

  • This is the first open source version of EiffelStudio. Look at the release notes of 5.7 for more information.