Eiffel Design Feast June-2011

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Design the next-generation Eiffel Web solution! The great 2011 Eiffel Design Feast: (Zurich, 25-26 June 2011.) The software of the future will, for a large part, run on the cloud. A superb Web application design framework is the hallmark of a great software environment. While Web solutions for Eiffel exist (ever since the first EiffelWeb library in 1994) the design of the ideal Eiffel Web solution remains in the future.

The future is June 25 and 26. We are holding an Eiffel Design Feast in Zurich on this date. The participants will, together, devise the next Web development framework, taking full advantage of Eiffel's strengths.

The Eiffel Design Feast will take place at ETH Zurich over two full days, just prior to the TOOLS conference week (http://tools.ethz.ch); the results will be presented at the Eiffel workshop on the next day (https://wiki.se.inf.ethz.ch/nec/bin/view/Main/ToolsWorkshop). Participation is free but participants are responsible for their own expenses (see the TOOLS pages for information about accommodation).

The Eiffel Design Feast is open to anyone with design experience, Web experience, Eiffel experience and a genuine desire to help build an outstanding open-source solution. A document describing an analysis of available choices and possible directions will be circulated to participants ahead of time to help start an effective discussion. We hope the event will result in clear design decisions, a solid architecture, and a blueprint for the rest of the development.

If you wish to showcase your design skills and help shape the future, please write to designfeast@eiffel.com including a short description of your background including experience (Eiffel, Web framework design etc.) relevant to the Design Feast.

The Eiffel Software Team


  • Contact: designfeast@eiffel.com
  • Date: Saturday and Sunday, 25 and 26 June 2011
  • Location: ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
      Room E42
      IFW Building of ETH
      Access through RZ building, Clausiusstrasse 59
      Location map: http://tinyurl.com/447dnud
      Public transport: tram stop "Haldenegg", trams
              6, 7 or 10 (two stops from Zurich main station)
              Or 15
      More local access information from the ETH
      Computer Science department: http://www.inf.ethz.ch/about/finding
      (Warning: only instructions for "RZ" building are valid, the department's
      other locations are further away.)
      BUILDING ACCESS: the building is closed on Saturday and Sunday; you need
      someone to open the door for you. Please come on both days between 8:45 and 9;
      someone will be there to escort you. If for some reason you need
      access outside of these hours please send an email to designfeast[at]eiffel.com.


Saturday (25/june)

  • 9 to 17

Sunday (26/june)

  • 9 to 17


Coffee etc. will be available, and lunch will be provided in a nearby restaurant


  • Documentation of the EiffelWebReloaded framework .. in progress/soon available
  • ... links ...