EiffelStudio 6.6 Releases

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

EiffelStudio 6.6.x Releases


Placeholder for new stuff since last intermediate release.

New features

  • compiler: Supported new variant of a check instruction that is not subject for assertion monitoring settings (in other words the check cannot be turned off) and can be used to introduce a new void safe scope of a read-only or object test local:
check Assertion then


  • runtime: Redone some of the multithreading internals of the Eiffel runtime to make it easier to add platforms and to ensure the same behavior on various platforms.
  • runtime: On Windows, the MUTEX class is now internally using a CRITICAL_SECTION object which is much more efficient especially with multiprocessors.

Feature removed

Bug fixes

  • studio: Fixed editor refresh issue when saving modifications in the Contract Tool.
  • studio: Fixed catcalls when building the Contract Tool.
  • studio: Fixed bug#14857 Store the external commands in ISE User files
  • studio: Fixed bug#16410 Error List window comes up blank on error if auto-hidden when estudio started
  • debugger: Fixed a hang in EiffelStudio when inspecting a different threads than the current stopped one on platforms where thread identifiers are larger than 32-bit (e.g. Linux)
  • runtime: Made sure to use recursive mutexes on all our platforms.
  • net: Fixed tftp_server_console sample so that it uses a multithreaded precompilation of EiffelBase and fixed a precondition violation when receiving a GET command.
  • net: Fixed precondition violation in {ARRAY}.force when compiling EiffelNet in void-safe mode.

net: Changed internal of MEDIUM_POLLER to use HASH_TABLE, as a consequence the queries `read_command_list', `write_command_list' and `exception_command_list' are now obsolete and should not be used.

User changes

  • thread: Made the THREAD class thread-safe which prevents using the same object to launch a new thread. Now there is a precondition `is_launchable' and a status report `is_last_launch_successful' to help finding out if a thread was really launched.

Developer changes