EiffelStudio 6.1 Features

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This page highlights some of the major feature changes between version 5.7 and the forthcoming 6.0 release of EiffelStudio.

It is not a detailed log of changes and additions, but only lists the key new mechanisms directly improving the quality of the user experience. For the 6.0 change log see EiffelStudio Releases.

EiffelStudio (General)

EiffelStudio Tools

  • Added an Errors and Warnings Tool

Errors and Warnings Tool

The Errors and Warnings tool is a new tool in 6.1 to increase ease of work flow in EiffelStudio. The tool merge two previous tools, the Errors too and the Warnings tool and enhances their functionality beyond any similar tools in any IDE. Errors and warnings now show both a terse and verbose error and warning messages. Errors and warnings can be filtered and warnings can be filtered with a fine grain of control. New menus, tool bar and shortcuts make it easy to navigate the displayed errors and warning like never before.

EiffelStudio Debugger

  • Added remote debuggee object storage. This allows the user to store and retrieve the debuggee's object when debugging.
  • Added first implementation of Execution replay. This allows the user to record the execution, and then replay it by navigating in the call stacks, and displaying recorded values.

Eiffel Language/Compiler

  • Added support for MiniGW back-end C/C++ compiler.

Eiffel Libraries


EiffelVision 2