EiffelStudio 6.0 Features

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This page highlights some of the major feature changes between version 5.7 and the forthcoming 6.0 release of EiffelStudio.

For the 6.0 change log see EiffelStudio Releases.

EiffelStudio (General)

  • New docking manager graphical interface
  • Tabbed editing of multiple classes within the same window
  • All keyboard shortcuts are configurable

New Tools

  • Dependency tool



   - Improve performance and robustness of debugger.
   - Added a console based debugger (in command line using: -debug or via -loop)
   - Enhanced breakpoint mechanism by adding print message, hit count (condition), 
     and provide "Is True" and "Has Changed" condition.

Expression evaluation (watch tool, condition ...):

   - Added support of instruction evaluation (i.e: procedure call).
   - Expression are evaluated with all assertions turned off by default 
     (the user can restore assertion checking on each expression)
   - Completed support for disable/restore assertion checking during debugging in classic AND dotnet system.

Graphic debugger:

   - Redesign Debugging options dialog:
       Better dialog to set the arguments, working directory.
       The user can now add or modify the environment variables used by the debuggee.
       Added start (outside the IDE) workbench and finalized system on Debugging option dialogs
   - User can restart the debugging session without unraising and raising again the debugger's interface
   - User can force the environment to stay in debugger mode.
   - New object viewer tool to browse an object, dump its structured or textual representation, or see XML in a tree.
   - Call stack tool now indicates when a feature has a "rescue" clause.
   - Cleaned objects grid by removing useless "Attributes" title row.
   - The debugger shows state of "Once functions" and now also state of "Once procedures".
   - Added auto expressions on watch tools

Eiffel Language/Compiler