EiffelStudio 5.7 Releases

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases. The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL.

EiffelStudio 5.7.x Releases


Placeholder for new stuff since last intermediate release.

  • Fixed a bug that crashed class name auto completion if there where some conditioned groups

5.7.58953 (May 14th 2006)

  • Added missing configuration file for precompiled libraries.
  • Fixed resizing of debugger columns.
  • Added resizing of columns within the content, not just using the header.
  • Windows installer can now precompile base|wel|vision2 (did not work previously because configuration files were missing).
  • Removed splash screen (windows) and text message (unix) for applications built with GPL release of EiffelStudio.
  • Fixed a bug in .NET properties code generation that caused Vision2 precompilation to fail.
  • .NET properties getter functions now have an assigner, if a setter routine is available.
  • Fixed bug in overrides that caused problems with all_classes and precompile compilation.
  • Changed classes tree behaviour for overridden and overrider classes to be more logical.
  • Fixed two bugs that caused problems with usage of precompiles.
  • Refactored code completion.
  • Fixed the Pick and Drop issue for overriding/overridden classes.
  • Improved Pick and Drop/code completion ability for loose types and named tuple.
  • Debugger: the user can choose where the "Current Object", "Locals"... items goes in the Objects tool (left or right grid)
  • Added assigner feature icons for feature tool and completion list.
  • Permitted assigning to static .NET properties.
  • Reference a non-existing compiled assembly resource (*.resource files) no longer crashes compiled. A warning is now generated.
  • Allow to use variables and environment variables in external resource locations.
  • Fixed a bug that did not update changed prefixes or renamings on assemblies.
  • Fixed a bug in configuration parsing that crashed the compiler in some cases with precompiles.
  • Allow Pick and Drop on possible unsaved text.
  • Activated PND in basic feature view.
  • 99% fix the problem that sometimes code completion does not work for locals. The rest 1% is the possiblity completing in an uncompiled feature a like argument local.
  • Enabled class auto completion in uncompiled classes.
  • Allow code completion after labels of named tuple.
  • Added labels of named tuple to completion list.
  • Fixed a bug in New Feature command, also in the similar place of diagram tool.
  • Refactored implementation of formatters in feature and class tool. Presentation under a multi-column list which enables user to sort results.

5.7.1005 (May 5th 2006)

  • All the 5.6 features are present in this release.
  • Support for new project configuration file. At this stage the format is still in beta and therefore expect some future changes before the final release of 5.7. The major changes from semantics point of view are that ultimately we are switching from clusters to clusters/libraries paradigm. Classes of a library should be self-contained, no external references allowed. Library also contains necessary external headers and object files. Also in a cluster or a library, only one class with a given name is allowed.
  • Diagram tool has been improved to take into account new libraries paradigm.
  • Better display of clusters in cluster tree.
  • Improved performance of runtime for large heap: for example if you have about 6GB of allocated memory the full collection time went from 10000s down to 30s when you have about 1GB of garbage and a lot of 0-sized objects.
  • Documentation includes recent changes in library, but actually contains too much (e.g. implementation classes in Vision2)
  • Pick and drop line is now a dashed line.
  • Home key now goes to the first non-whitespace character of the line (can be disabled through the "Smart home" preference).
  • Introduce `adapted' into TYPE for statically check conformance conversion.

5.7.0826 (March 26th 2006)

First public release of the open source version of EiffelStudio. This version uses 5.6 Ace file.

  • New search facility with quick search bar and project wide search with regular expression.
  • New profiling output using EV_GRID.
  • Ability to debug multithreaded applications, in particular to switch from one thread to another.
  • New refactoring facilities: class and feature renaming, feature pull-up.
  • C compilation output now appears in EiffelStudio.
  • Compilation progress now appears in status bar.
  • Debugger: improve display performance of the values
  • Debugger: Objects grids keep the layout (opened nodes), and highlight when a value changes (customizable)
  • Debugger: Better support of once value (including in MT context).
  • Debugger: In watches tools, when an expression raised an exception, display more information on the exception, including the trace (and improved error reporting).