EiffelStudio 18.11 Releases

Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

EiffelStudio 18.11.x Releases

Beta download: https://ftp.eiffel.com/pub/beta/18.11/ (December 17th 2018)

New features

  • library (wel): Added features to draw multiple lines and polygons, to fill polygons, and to enable anti-aliasing when using GDI+. Added features to set dash styles and line joins for a pen when using GDI+.
  • compiler: Used assertion expressions as assertion tags when the tags are absent to improve diagnostics of assertion violations. For example, an untagged assertion with an expression is_valid is considered as having a tag is_valid.
  • library (base): Added to HASH_TABLE a feature definite_item that always returns an existing element assuming that the key is in the table (the feature has the corresponding precondition).
  • compiler: Supported conditions based on current void safety compilation mode.
  • EiffelStudio: Added Export/Imports functionality of editor tabs as text (available in the hidden menu>Service>Import/Export tabs... , Ctrl+Alt+D).
  • library (jwt): Added a new JWT extension libary implemented with openssl to support the JWT algorithms RS256, RS384, and RS512.
  • example (scoop): Added an example processor_pool to demonstrate how a pool of active processors can be used to execute tasks from passive regions.
  • library (base): Added creation procedures make_from_iterable to the classes that exposed a feature duplicate (except for tree classes).
  • library (vision): Added a feature {EV_DRAWABLE}.set_anti_aliasing to control whether anti-aliasing should be used when drawing.
  • library (OpenSSL): Updated OpenSSL library with asymmetric algorithms (RSA). Added a new RSA API SSL_RSA with features to sign and verify with differents SHA algorithms (256, 384 and 512). Added classes to create keypairs SSL_KEY_PAIR using PEM and PCKS#1 format.


  • library (uuid): Marked {UUID_GENERATOR}.generate_uuid as a class feature and made the code of the class SCOOP-compatible.
  • library (base): Updated CHARACTER_PROPERTIES to use Unicode 11.0.0 instead of 10.0.0.
  • compiler: Implemented direct code generation for {CHARACTER_8}.minus and {CHARACTER_32}.minus.
  • EiffelStudio (diagram): Improved scaling of client-supplier lines in a diagram tool by allowing for a minimum width of 3 pixels and proportional increase of nested lines width and arrow size to the overall line width.
  • library (base): Added a new class EMPTY_ITERATION_CURSOR that can be used to implement iteration cursors for structures without any elements.
  • library (base): Added an inheritance link from CONTAINER to ITERABLE, so that all containers can be iterated over using an across loop. Most notable additions are queues, trees and files. Potential incompatibility: a descendant of a deferred container class of the library may need to implement a feature new_cursor.
  • library (base): Changed signatures of all features of HASH_TABLE that accepted detachable G in the arguments to take G instead.
  • library (cms): Improved security (protection against XSS, finer permissions especially related to authentication). Added new SECURITY_HTML_CONTENT_FILTER content filter.
  • library (json): Improved performance of the JSON parser (by 40% on large regular files).
  • EiffelStudio: Added an entry Compile from scratch to Project menu to do a clean compilation instead of incremental recompilation (not needed in general, except for rare cases when the compiler encounters an internal error due to significant changes to the class structure, or a sequence of recompilations with intermediate compilation errors).
  • EiffelStudio: Added the description note content of class in the class tool (can be enabled/disabled by a toolbar button).
  • EiffelStudio: Changed completion pop-up to show the associated target class (if any) before the list of choices.
  • library (cms): Improved administration for OAuth authentication.
  • library (jwt): Supported registration of a custom JWT_ALG object that implements JWT signing algorithm (in addition to the provided algorithms HS256 and NONE) and added an extension library with OpenSSL-based algorithms RS256, RS384, RS512.
  • library (eiffelweb): Adopted nanoseconds timeout precision for EiffelWeb settings (in .ini file, use ns, us, ms, or s to specify measurement units).
  • library (json): Added a basic deserialization component to translate JSON content into Eiffel objects of classes ARRAYED_LIST, STRING_TABLE and others.
  • library (json): Added a feature JSON_VALUE.chained_item (a_key): JSON_VALUE to be able to do chained calls like json @ "person" @ "address" @ "city" and to get an associated JSON value (if any) or JSON_NULL.
  • library (EiffelStore ODBC): Implemented a feature ODBC.affected_row_count.
  • library (openssl): Updated OpenSSL library to version 1.1.1a.
  • compiler(debugger): Taken into account assertions breakpoints, even if assertions are discarded in final mode, to make sure the exception trace uses the same stop point numbers in both final and workbench mode.
  • EiffelStudio (debugger): Added notification to the call stack whether the call is a regular one or a non-object one.
  • library (openssl): Updated OpenSSL Asymetric Crypto algorithm with RSA API with new features to sign using different SHA algorithms (256, 384 and 512) and RSA Digest Verification with different algorithms (256, 384, 512).
  • EiffelStudio (error list): Added online help for VWMA(1) warning that can be opened the same way as a built-in error/warning explanation.
  • library (uuid): Marked {UUID}.is_valid_uuid as a class feature.
  • EiffelStudio (diagram tool): Used anti-aliasing when drawing (can be disabled via Preferences).
  • EiffelStudio: Made sure changes to Preferences of a diagram tool are immediately reflected in the diagram.

Bug fixes

  • code analyzer: test#codeanalysis031 — Fixed a bug when a previously assigned variable was reported as unread (CA020) when it was both a target of a creation instruction and an argument to the corresponding creation procedure.
  • code_analyzer: bug#19295 (test#codeanalysis032) — Avoided a false positive for CA020 (a local variable is not read after assignment) when the source of an assignment is detachable and cannot be used as a target of a call to do_nothing.
  • compiler: bug#19449 (test#final120, test#final126, test#runtime001) — Fixed a C code generation bug that could lead to wrong results of an equality test for references in particular cases in finalized mode when the right-hand side expression triggers GC.
  • runtime: bug#19242 (test#runtime022, test#runtime023) - Fixed a bug that could lead to object heap corruption when an argument or a local of an expanded type with (recursively nested) reference attributes is passed to a feature that triggers GC.
  • EiffelStudio: Fixed a bug that caused creation of generated files at a higher level than requested and using wrong names (such as Documentationtest.xml instead of Documentation/test.xml) when exporting to XMI.
  • EiffelStudio (diagram): Fixed a bug that might cause an exception when performing multiple switching from an item with an existing diagram to another one in a diagram tool or when switching between BON and UML views multiple times.
  • EiffelStudio (diagram): Corrected style of client-supplier links to be drawn as a double-lines in a cluster view of BON diagrams.
  • compiler: Fixed a potential bug that might cause incorrect code generation for parenthesis alias after incremental recompilation if the origin of the alias changes.
  • EiffelStudio (address bar): Allowed entering Unicode characters in the class field of the address bar (before any Unicode input was discarded).
  • EiffelStudio (context menu): bug#19469 — Fixed a bug that might result in an exception trace when trying to invoke a context menu on a class name in the project that has not been successfully compiled.
  • EiffelStudio (template manager): Fixed a bug that might cause access on void target if no template declarations are found.
  • code analyzer: test#codeanalysis005 — Avoided false positives for CA024 reported when it is possible to rewrite a regular loop as an across one.
  • compiler: Avoided assertion violation when a file cannot be signed because .NET 3.5 or earlier is not installed on the development machine.
  • compiler: Fixed a bug that could lead to using a wrong routine ID of a parenthesis alias if this routine ID changes during incremental recompilation.
  • compiler: bug#15286 (test#ccomp082), bug#17089 (test#exec332), bug#19490 (test#ccomp091) — Fixed bugs that could cause generation of invalid C code or reporting a wrong result for an object test when both source expression type and target type are expanded and incompatible.
  • compiler: Removed unneeded escaping of characters inside the content of an XML element in project (.ecf) files.
  • library (json): Ensured the JSON_STRING.item is really UTF-8 encoded (even for characters between 128 and 255).
  • tool (iron): Added detection of invalid repositories to the iron command line client that can now report and remove them.
  • library (svn): Added support for multi-line comments in commit operations.
  • compiler: bug#19456 — Fixed bugs in handling a remote target (especially when the remote target project has no associated UUID).
  • EiffelStudio (refactoring): Made sure editor position is restored after completing a refactoring.
  • EiffelStudio (debugger): Removed Current from the object view tool for a class feature.
  • compiler: bug#19471 — Fixed a bug caused replacement of undefined variables by empty strings when evaluating redirection location instead of keeping the variables as is.
  • EiffelStudio (wizard): Fixed a default location for EiffelWeb projects used by EiffelWeb wizard.
  • library (cms): Fixed the implementation of the session expiration date, by properly setting the cookie header values Max-Age and Expires.
  • compiler: Supported -config_option concurrency:value and -config_option void_safety:value command-line options to override concurrency and void safety settings when compiling a project.
  • library (eiffelweb): Fixed initialization of socket.timeout in the standalone connector of httpd and web-socket that was not set before.
  • EiffelBuilder: bug#19470 — Fixed a bug that caused EiffelBuilder on Linux to overwrite EiffelStudio preferences file instead of using its own.
  • compiler: test#attach128 — Fixed a bug that could lead to both false positives and false negatives when checking for void safety rules of object initialization involving assigner commands.
  • library (base): bug#19501 — Changed signature of the feature new_cursor in LINKED_TREE and TWO_WAY_TREE to avoid violation of VDRD(2) and added the corresponding cursor class.

Feature removed

User changes

Developer changes

  • EiffelStudio (error list): Supported online help for errors/warnings when longer explanations are needed and they do not fit a short built-in text.